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Q. Are wedding services available?
A.  Cinnamon Valley is a perfect place for an Ozark wedding. Small elopements are allowed on-site, with use of our minister services. Please contact us during office hours to discuss your arrangements.

Q. Are any packages offered?
A. Yes. We offer various packages, but can also assist with unique items that you may request.  Please see our ‘Packages’ page for details.  Let us know if you are interested in booking these services when reserving your cabin.
Q. Do all cabins have fireplaces?
A. All cabins are equipped with fireplaces. However, dampers are closed and fireplaces unavailable after April 30th annually. Fireplaces are not reopened until October 1st (weather dependent). Cinnamon Valley provides wood and starters during your stay.
Q. Is smoking permitted in the cabins or on the decks?
A. Cinnamon Valley is a non-smoking facility. We do, however, allow smoking on the property. There is a $200 non-refundable charge for anyone violating this policy.
Q. What kitchenware is provided?
A. For your convenience, Cinnamon Valley has fully-equipped kitchens if you choose to prepare a meal in your cabin. We also supply a charcoal grill for your cabin.  There local grocery options located near the property if grocery items are needed.
Q. Is fishing allowed at the 2 on property spring-fed lakes?
A. Yes. Fishing is allowed in our fully stocked lakes. However, catch and release is encouraged. Please ensure all items are removed from the shores when you depart.
Q. Do the cabins have phones?
A. In order to assure you a relaxed atmosphere, no phones are provided in the cabin. In the event of an emergency, a member of our office staff will contact you personally.
Q. Are children or pets allowed?
A. Due to the atmosphere of our accommodations, we have established Cinnamon Valley as an adults-only resort. Although we love pets, they are not allowed in the cabins.
Q. Are housekeeping services offered during our stay?
A. Cabins are cleaned prior to and after guest stay. No housekeeping services are offered during stay. However, if you would like a linen refresh, or need any amenities to make your stay more comfortable, please contact the office for assistance.

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